Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

This is Rhett at 6 months!  These monthly pictures may look like an easy way to document Rhett's growth, but here's a few of the behind-the-scenes shots:

Yes, every time I take Rhett's picture, I must take Allie's, too.  Six month sticker and all! 

I don't have a picture of Allie's current hobby... wearing socks.  She will put on 18 pairs if we let her. If she wasn't such a light sleeper, I'd have snapped her in bed the other night ASLEEP with a sippy cup in one hand, Barbie in the other, wearing Snoopy pajamas with Christmas socks.  It was quite a scene. 

My Addie started Pre-K this year.  The first picture below is from her orientation day and the other is on her official first day of school.
 I always worry that Addie will struggle in school not because she's not learning or doesn't know the answers, but because she refuses to let people know that she's learning or knows the answers.  I've worked for years to get her to say her birthday when asked.  I got a note from school asking for help this week getting the kids to know their birthdays.  After I saw the note, I asked Addie when her birthday was, and got the usual answer to everything these days, "I can't remember."  So I told her no tv until she knew her birthday, to which she said, "NOVEMBER 27!!!"  Good luck, Ms. Karen. :)